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Check Out: Which One Direction Member Has The Most Instagram Followers

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Check Out: Which One Direction Member Has The Most Instagram Followers: When we talk about the American Music Industry, we can’t miss out talking about One Direction. Although they were an active part of the band for fives years, still their iconic songs are something we all are obsessed with.Β 

In 2015, Zayn Malik decided to leave One Direction to start a solo career. After the release ofΒ Made In The AM;Β Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne, made a joint decision to take a break from the boyband days.Β 

They all started their career, and it was believed that the band would reunite after 18 months, and now we’re five years down the lane and still no plans of the highly-awaited reunion.Β 

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As the year 2020 marks their 10th anniversary, Directioners showcased their love by making the boyband a worldwide trend. Every Directioner is still awaiting their comeback as a band, but unfortunately, there are no signs.Β 

Though not together, still all the members support each other and carry the same love and respect for one another. At the same time, talking about the fans never fail to show their passion for 1D.Β Β 

Each one of them has a successful solo career, and their five times more music is a treat for the fans as well.

All have a large presence and fame over social media, be it Instagram or Twitter. Their official One Direction Instagram page has a total of 21.4 million followers itself.

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But the question arises how many Instagram followers do the members have individually?

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Zayn Malik- 36.5 million

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Zayn Malik tops the list. Though his feed has no One Direction post, instead is occupied with the selfies of his gorgeous face which undoubtedly has millions and millions of likes.Β 

The singer posts photos sporadically but when he does, it is worth every wait. His recent post has a look at his newborn daughter with model Gigi Hadid, and we are all in awe. Every fan would even love to see Zayn’s photos with his former band members, and hopefully, sooner or later, we will get to see them together.Β 

Harry Styles- 31.5 million

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Harry Styles, who is the second most followed person among the band members, is no different than Zayn. We get the luxury of his post rarely, but again when he makes worth it when he eventually posts.Β 

Harold balances between his goopy snaps and his jot tour photoshoots, and that’s a treat for his followers.Β 

Niall Horan- 25.5 million

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In the third position is the handsome singer Niall Horan. His Instagram feed is filled with drooling photos of himself, from his tours and photoshoots to him just strumming the guitar videos.

Recently, due to the pandemic, we get to see his quarantine look and sometimes he gives us the sneak peek of his shirtless look again playing his favourite instrument.Β 

Liam Payne- 21.1 million

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He fills the slot for the fourth place. Liam keeps his followers happy with his stunning photos and work projects. But most importantly, he keeps Directioners comfortable with his occasional throwback One Direction posts.Β 

His IG Live sessions are something which gave us company in such a lousy quarantine period.Β 

Louis Tomlinson- 16.3 million

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Louis Tomlinson rounds up the list, and his Instagram page is filled with his work and tour videos. His candid photos are dying for as we drool over our screen everyone he posts them, and blesses our timelines.Β 

Nowadays, he is busy promoting his debut albumΒ Walls, which will get released this year. So, we are getting to see a lot of his solo work after the band took a break.

Be it there music together as 1D or their solo music, we will always be obsessed and thankful to them, for their beautiful music.

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