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China: 11 Million People In China Tested For Virus In 5 Days

Source: Anadolu Agency

China Test 11M In Mere 5 Days For The Virus

Source: Sky News

New cases were registered last weekend in China. 11 million coronavirus tests were carried out in just five days in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao.
According to the state-run Global Times, the cluster of 13 infections was traced to a CT scanning room at the Qingdao Chest Hospital.
Authorities noticed space was used without adequate disinfection for COVID-19 patients and other patients.

The hospital was designated for the care of COVID-19 overseas patients. The Qingdao port workers were contaminated who were found to be at the root of the new cluster. Since last Sunday, the medical facility remains closed.
In the city, mass nucleic testing of more than 11 million started on Monday and was completed on Friday.
Authorities established more than 4,000 sample collection points. More than 10,000 medical workers staffed it.

Qingdao Cluster

Source: The Indian Express

At least two officials were faced with action in Qingdao over the COVID-19 cluster.
Deng Kai, the hospital’s president, was removed from his post. While Sui Zhenhua, (the city’s municipal health commission’s head) was suspended.
As the nation had declared victory against the pandemic just last month the Qingdao cluster was especially troubling for China.

China has reported 85,646 confirmed cases, including 4,634 fatalities and 80,759 recoveries since the first infections were reported last December in Wuhan City, Hubei Province.
On Friday, the National Health Commission of the country registered 24 additional imported cases. It brings the total number of such claims to 3,084.
In Guangzhou City in southern Guangdong Province, one new asymptomatic case was also identified.
Authorities have quarantined 68 contacts in the case. The person is said to be linked to a patient with COVID-19, has recently returned from overseas.

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