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China Makes an Effort for Reconciliation as Trump Targeted Beijing in His Recent Election Campaign

China Makes an Effort for Reconciliation as Trump Targeted Beijing in His Recent Election Campaign

It has been weeks since China incited nationalist sentiment. From that time. It is an ongoing verbal dispute with Trump’s administration. But now, it is trying to maintain its cool. The ministers are calling for tranquillity with America. US President Donald Trump has targeted Beijing in the upcoming election. The US elections are scheduled to be held in November 2020.

China calls out for peace as the tension between the two nations escalates.

Chinese diplomats are making efforts to amend their previous contention. Not a long time ago, China was claiming its superior, Beijing’s authoritarian system. Hawkish Scholars are stressing on resolving tensions with the US. They are expecting China to build a friendly relationship with the US rather than challenging its mighty army. “There’s a reflection that we should not let nationalism or hot-headedness somehow kidnap our foreign policy.” Xu Qinduo, an evaluator of China Radio International, said this in an interview. “Tough rhetoric should not replace rational diplomacy.” China is trying at its best to normalize the situation.

China pushes back on Trump's claim of Chinese interference in upcoming US election | CGTN America
Donald Trump and Wang Yi.

How the US and China have responded so far?

The leading communist party of China is concerned about excessive nationalism, which can eventually tar China’s image worldwide. China and US relations are currently wrecked. This is a major threat to citizens. Firstly, they are among one of the most powerful nations across the world. Secondly, China cannot afford a war with the US at this point. In his recent election campaigns, Trump has openly made China its target. His administration is taking a series of measures against China.

China’s consulate in Houston is closed down by the US authority. Likewise, they, too, have imposed a penalty on Communist party employees. Further, talks continue to restrict China’s two popular social media networks.

China has retaliated by shutting down a consulate in Chengdu and sanctioning some US politicians.

China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, was showcasing an Olive branch. Olive branch stands for peace and reconciliation. He said that his government is willing to discuss US concerns. The minister adds, “At any level, in any area and at any time.” He is hoping to maintain peace and restore its bond with America.

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