China Might Not Want To Evade Terrorism And Support Pakistan To Harass India

China Might Not Want To Evade Terrorism And Support Pakistan To Harass India
Source: Samaa TV

It seems like Pakistan is taking the support of China to shield Islamabad from the accusation of thriving terrorism. Also, China might use terrorism against India as tension escalates between the two nations.

China Might Use Pakistani Terrorism To Harass India

Rubin, a Washington examiner, said, β€œBeijing appears less committed to counterterrorism and more to a desire to use Pakistani terrorism as a tool to harass India with whom it is locked in a border clash in Ladakh.”

China is trying its level best to replace the post-World War II liberal order. Reportedly, FATF is also among one of them. So, despite eroding terrorism from the roots of Islamabad, Pakistan is counting on China.

His statement has come before the plenary meeting of FATF. In the forum, the final decision will be made on whether Pakistan remains on the grey list or blacklist. It will be started from October 21.

Rubin, A Washington Examiner, Said That Pakistan And China Weren’t Bothered About FATF Commitments.

Rubin also held talks with a Pakistan special advisor finance named Abdul Hafeez Sheikh. He said that both the parties were not interested in talking about FATF commitments. Much more was spoken about the USD 60 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

He further added that China’s decision on FATF would clear doubts. People will get to know if China is again misusing its power and corrupting the system.

In The Plenary Meeting, It Will Be Decided Whether Pakistan Remains In The Grey List Or Slips Into Black

This month FATF’s Asia Pacific Group (APG)Β  decided to keep Pakistan in β€œEnhanced Follow-up List”. This is because so far, it hasn’t done enough work to combat terror financing.

The plenary meeting will be concluded on Friday. Pakistan is in FATF grey list since 2018.

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