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China: Reported 99 New Coronavirus Infections On April 11, More Than Doubling From The Previous Day!

New Coronavirus Infections: Single Day Imported Cases Hit A Record

Mainland China has reported 99 new coronavirus infections case on April 11. According to NHC(China’s national health commission), the infected cases were 63 on April 10. It became 99 on April 11. It is the largest daily count among all the new coronavirus infections since March 6. Only two among them are local while all others are Chinese nationals travelled from overseas.

Corona Infected Tolls Of Different Provinces Of China

Out of 99, 52 alone are from Shanghai. Due to which Shanghai has become the hotspot for the coronavirus infection Out of those 52, 51 people flew on the same flight from Russia on April 10 while the last one was from Canada. Due to which Shanghai authorities have quarantined 92 other passengers. They were in close contact with the infected persons. Also, 21 new cases were reported in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang, while all of them travelled from Russia.

They were checking people of china for coronavirus.

New Coronavirus Infections: China Tightened The Border Crossing Again

Consequently, after this drastic rise in corona cases on a single day, China has zipped up. Also, it has tightened its border security. Hence, it has restricted cross border immigration to some extent again to keep in control of this sudden event.

After a successful fightback from humongous pandemic effects, it was miserable for it to fall prey to this disease again. It has to start controlling and take strict actions to prevent going back to a previous dangerous situation.

Newly affected people of china are under inspections to control the outbreak.

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Troubles Faced By The Local Governments

Guangzhou’s mayor conducted a press conference. The foreign affairs official Liu Baochun said that Guangzhou is enforcing anti-virus measures on anyone who enters the city from across the national border, regardless of nationality, race or gender. In the same event, the mayor said that the risk of imported cases had increased drastically.

The local government of Heilongjiang said it’s Suifenhe border with Russia will remain closed after April 13. Also, temporarily closed for this pandemic and scheduled to open next week.

Even Wuhan is vulnerable to imported infection. It the first virus epicentre which this month emerged from lockdown after containing the virus, China’s senior medical advisor Zhong Nanshan said.

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