China Reported Active COVID-19 Virus From Imported Frozen Food Packaging

China Reported Active COVID-19 Virus From Imported Frozen Food Packaging
Source: The Scientist Magazine

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported active COVID-19 virus on frozen food packaging. This could have transmitted the virus from the contaminate package.

The Incident Was Reported From Coastal City Of Qingdao

This incident was reported in the coastal city of Qingdao in Shandong province. However, the origin of the virus isn’t confirmed yet.

Also, Qingdao reported dozen of new cases in this month. Most of these cases came from a hospital specialised in treating overseas COVID-19 patients.

China Had Already Banned Imported Products From Some Countries After Finding Active Viruses On The Frozen Food Packaging

China has stressed earlier on the risk of reintroducing COVID-19 because of imported refrigerated goods. For instance, it had reported several cases of the virus while testing the packages from other countries. So, it banned imported products from some countries.

For example, seafood from Indonesia and chicken wings from Brazil are no longer allowed in China. The decision was taken after observing the virus on food packages and containers.

World Health Organization (WHO) experts have said that until now there isn’t any proof about the transmission of the virus through food packaging.

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