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China Reports Another Infectious Disease: Has China Transmitted Another Virus In India?

China Reports Another Infectious Disease: Has China Transmitted Another Virus In India?
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Around 40.2 million people have suffered from Coronavirus worldwide. Out of these, 1.12 million people have lost their lives in this pandemic. It seems that the pandemic won’t end anytime soon.

Countries have struggled to save people from this deadly virus by applying certain restrictions. While things don’t seem to go back to normal anytime soon, there is one more bad news.

Where Does It Come From?

It looks like a new bacterial disease will be emerging soon. It is calledΒ Brucellosis and has already spread in Northwest China.Β This deadly virus has already infected thousands of people. Also, it is spreading fast.

This bacteria was leaked from a biopharmaceutical company in the year 2019. Around 3246 people have already been tested positive though no deaths have been reported so far. This data has been verified by The National Health Commission (NHC) ofΒ Lanzhou.

Some Information About Brucellosis:

  • It can affect humans as well as animals.
  • This can be transmitted to us by coming in contact with infected animals, drinking or eating contaminated animal products, or inhaling airborne materials.
  • It can also spread through sexual contact, breastfeeding or open wounds.
  • The symptoms of this virus can be seen a few months after being affected by the bacteria.
  • The symptoms include fever, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, joint pain, and sweating.
  • Spondylitis,Β arthritis andΒ testicular swelling can be some long term effects of it.
  • Many antibiotics that can be used to treat brucellosis.
  • There is an excellent chance of getting a reinfected.
  • Precautions include avoiding raw dairy products and being careful when working with animals.
  • There is no vaccine for this disease.

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