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China Successfully Launches New Ocean Monitoring Satelite ‘Haiyang 1D’

Haiyang 1D

Haiyang 1D: On June 11, China successfully launched its fourth new ocean monitoring satellite into space. The newly launched satellite named Haiyang 1D or HY 1D. This was sent from the Taiyuan Satelite Launch Centre in north China’s Shanxi Province. The China National Space Administration confirmed a Long March-2C rocket lifted off at 2:31 am Bejing Time carrying the satellite.

Earlier, another satellite Haiyang 1C launched by China in September 2019. The Haiyang 1D, along with Haiyang 1C, will form China’s first satellite constellation for marine civil service. China’s Ministry of Natural Resources and CNSA said these satellites would prevail in ocean observation data more accurately.

Haiyang 1D

The Launch Of Haiyang 1D

According to Space Flight Now, the two-stage launcher powered by hydrazine fueled engines. It climbed upwards with more than 600,000 pounds of thrust. It moved towards southern direction delivering the Haiyang 1D at an inclined orbit of 98.4 degrees to the equator. Also, this Haiyang 1D deployed into n orbit around 775 km above the earth. The Haiyang 1D was the 334th from the Long March Series launch program.

Chinese News Agency, Xinhua confirmed this Haiyang 1D is the fourth remote-sensing ocean observation satellite. This HY 1D carries a total of 5 instrument payloads. It will routinely observe the color of the ocean and measure the surface from above.

Haiyang 1D

Every three days, the imager will obtain information from coastal areas. That includes the coastal water environment, ecological environment of rivers and lakes along the coastal zone. The satellite-powered by an automatic identification system for ships.

As per the reports says, the data obtained from the satellite will be used for resources on environmental surveys. It will help to aid marine disaster prevention and mitigation. As well as sustainable utilization of marine & coastal resources. Along with that will give us an early warning for marine ecology and environmental protection.

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