China Tested 11 Million People For COVID-19 In 5 Days After Reporting Fresh Cases

China Tested 11 Million People For COVID-19 In 5 Days After Reporting Fresh Cases
Source: Bloomberg

After getting new COVID-19 reports, China took a massive step. It tested 11 million people in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao. Also, all this happened in just five days.

Qingdao Chest Hospital Saw 13 Infections, Was Previously Used To Treat COVID-19 Pandemic

Thirteen infections were reported from a CT scan room at the Qingdao Chest Hospital. Reportedly, the room was used to treat COVID-19 patients. However, it wasn’t appropriately disinfected. Space was explicitly allotted for the treatment of oversees COVID-19 patients. Still, two workers of the Qingdao port tested positive for the virus.

The hospital is shut down since last Sunday. Mass testing for virus began on Monday and was finished on Friday. The authorities set up more than 4,000 sample collection points with the help of 10,000 medical workers.

Qingdao Cluster Is Taken Seriously By China

China is taking the Qingdao cluster seriously. It is because victory over the deadly virus was announced just last month. Deng Kai, the president of the same hospital, is removed from its position.

Sixty-eight other people are put under quarantine as they were in close contacts to the two infected people. An asymptomatic case was reported in Guangzhou city. Also, the particular individual came in connection with a COVID-19 patient who recently returned from overseas.

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