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China Threatens United States Over The Economic Talk With Taiwan!

China Warns The U.S.A
source:Financial Times

China Threatens United States Over The Economic Talk With Taiwan!: In this warlike situation With India, China also warns the U.S. and asks not to attend the Economic meeting with Taiwan. China doesn’t want any other country to look into its internal affairs. However, the situation between Taiwan and China has never been ordinary; in fact, the cold war is still on. Taiwan is recognised as an independent nation, whereas china claims its power over it. However, let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about China-Taiwan Relationship and U.S.A.’s interference.

The U.S.A-Taiwan Economic Meet

China Warns The U.S.A
source: Voice Of America

Chinese Official On Monday Warned U.S.A over the economic meet Held In Taiwan. The U.S.A and Taiwan are planning for a financial meet after a long period. As a result, both the nation’s official will be present at the meet. The meet is likely to increase the Economic and internal relation between U.S.A- Taiwan. The Senior American Official in Taiwan will attend the economic meeting.

China Warns The U.S.A

China Warns The U.S.A
source: The Financial Express

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin warned The U.S.A on Monday over the Economic Meeting. Wang Wenbin is serving as a Foreign ministry spokesperson for many years now. However, he asks The U.S.A to cancel the meet with Taiwan. Moreover, the Chinese foreign minister to stop all official exchanges with Taiwan. He says If The U.S.A does not follow severe damage that it caused, and it will affect China-U.S.A relationship. And the same harm will be generated in Taiwan too.

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Taiwan’s Media On Economic Meet

Taiwanese Media spread the report of U.S.A-Taiwan meets a week ago. According to Taiwanese Media, the meet will focus on Commercial and economic exchange. The U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar Visited Taiwan last month. As a result, Azar was the highest-level U.S.A Cabinet official to visit since an informal break tie between the U.S. and Taiwanese government in 1979. However, the negotiations are going on between China and The U.S regarding the economic meeting.

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