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Chris Evans BREAKS His Silence! Calls The Instagram Mishap As An Embarrassment!

Chris Evans
Source: Topcitysound

Chris Evans Has An Embarrassing Moment

You probably don’t require a recap for what happened with Chris Evans a few days ago. However, this is for those who are still in the dark. Chris shared an Instagram story through his account. However, it was not some familiar story for Chris accidentally revealed a little too much. He only wanted to show a video of him playing Heads Up with his friends and family. However, the video showed his camera gallery, which had many photos in it. One of the pictures was a close-up picture of his private part. People quickly noticed it, and it became viral even before Chris realized it and deleted the photo.

Chris Evans
Source: Topcitysound

Chris Evans Agrees He Has Learnt His Lesson

After the embarrassing incident, Chris did not speak up and kept his mouth shut. However, he recently appeared on the Tamron Hall Show, and without any hesitation, he addressed the elephant in the room. For Chris, it was a big learning lesson and has taught him a lot. He said:

β€œSomething happened this weekend? It was an interesting weekend full of lessons learned, a lot of teachable moments.”

Chris won’t forget this lesson in his life for sure.

Chris Evans Thanks His Fans For The Support

No one for his mishap ever mocked one thing that everyone noticed was Chris. Instead, his fans were very supportive of him. Most of them were making harmless jokes and optimistic trolls which meant in a lighter tone. Even Chris’s brother Scott and his co-star Mark Ruffalo joined the party to make weak jokes on Chris. Chris thanked his fans for being supportive of him. He said:

Β β€œIt’s embarrassing, but you gotta roll with the punches. I have fantastic fans who came to my support.”

Chris Evans
Source: Page Six

Chris Slides In His Joke Through Twitter

Before coming in front of the camera, Chris broke his silence through Twitter. He made use of this opportunity to crack a joke on himself along with spreading an important message. He tweeted:

β€œNow that I have your attention…. VOTE Nov 3rd!!!”

Chris surely knows how to be positive even when it comes to him leaking his nudes.

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