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Chris Evans Gets Emotional While Sharing About His Dog ’Dodger’

Chris Evans had been on the headlines quite a lot recently. From being an icon to getting roasted to now opening up about his favourite tattoo. Recently he was burned by his very own director Joe Russo; however, it was for a noble cause. And now he got emotional opening-up about the tattoo of his dog. Recently he posted a picture with his dog mentioning that it is his purest love. And what he has with his dog can never be replaced. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Chris Evans Make People Emotional

According to the reports, Chris Evans was recently interviewed there he was asked about his favourite tattoo out of all. And he responded by showing his ‘Dodger’ who’s his dog. He says it is the purest relationship he has in his life. And he loved his dog more than anything in this world.

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He got candid with Jimmy Kimmel, and he opened up about his feelings about his dog. The 39-year-old was shown live on The Jimmy Show on Thursday. He was asked many questions related to his latest work updates, dating life, lockdown experience and much more. However, what got the most attention was his talk related to his dog as it touched many people’s heart in a very emotional way. He explained the importance of his dog in his life. He even mentioned that the dodger tattoo is something he will never regret in his life. And just a few years after getting the dog he decided to get a tattoo of his name. And he is forever grateful about it.

About Chris Evans

Chris Evans is one of the most famous American actors. The 39-year-old actor is known for his impressive performances in the Marvel series. He has been an inspiration for his charming style, fantastic performance, fitness, work ethics and much more. Recently Evans is getting a lot of attention and love for his work and all the drama and scandals.


He was talking about his recent interview that has made many people emotional. He explained how he picked the name dodger. He mentions that “There’s a movie called Oliver & Company. It’s a Disney movie. An animated movie I grew up watching,” He then says that when he first saw the dog, he skipped a beat. He realised that it looked like Dodger and he wanted it no matter what’s. And that’s who Evan first got Dodger and have loved him unconditionally ever since then.


Chris Evans was recently roasted by his very own director Joe Russo. Joe was participating in the contest with all the other marvel members. The competition was to burn their fellow marvel members and whoever wins the game with win money. The money will be donated to the charity. However, it was taken in a good spirit and many celebrities like Chris Evans, Robert and others participated in the contest.


Fans seem to be in love and touched by this 39-year-old star a lot lately. May it be for getting roasted or for paying tribute to a close star or for his dog’s tattoo. What do you think about it?


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