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Chris Evans Had Declined To Play Captain America!

Captain America! Retire
Captain America! Retire

Chris Evans Captain America It has been a year since Earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers, reunited one last time. Though Marvel has already moved on, the fans are still lingering over Iron Man’s death and Captain America’s departure. However, the six original Avengers recently reunited virtually for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awardswhere Endgame won the award for the favorite movie.

Chris Evans Has Drop The Role Of Captain America!
Chris Evans Has to Drop The Role Of Captain America!

As per Endgame, Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans have officially concluded their run with Marvel. That’s right! We will just have to make do without the Playboy billionaire and the Super Soldier from now on! As many of you know, Chris Evans had initially passed on the role of Captain America! It is difficult to imagine anyone else donning the uniform except Chris Evans. However, the 38-year-old U.S actor wasn’t the Studio’s first choice like Captain America.

Chris Evans Wasnt Marvel’s First Choice As Cap

Chris Evans was not supposed to be Captain America as the actor wasn’t the Studio’s first choice. However, when Marvel changed their mind, Chris declined the role. Declined….that’s right! But another superhero convinced him to take on the challenge.

chris evans captain america
Chris Evans Captain America

Chris became famous after Fantastic Four (2005), where he played the Human Torch. Since it was a Marvel Superhero movie, it wasn’t on their plans to play him as Steve Rogers. Marvel President Kevin Feige was afraid that the characters would get mixed up. But he was persuaded to cast Chris Evans as Captain America and thus invited him on board. He received ‘NO’ for an answer. Not only once, but Chris also declined the role ‘TWICE.’

Chris didn’t want to be stuck in one character. And he was also facing some personal issues. The 38-year-old suffered from anxiety and depression, which almost made him quit acting.

Robert Downey Jr Convinced Chris To Play Captain America

When Robert Downy Jr heard about Chris’ and the declination, he promptly called his friend to solve the issue. This is what he told Chris over the phone:

“You’re the perfect guy for the job. The shield is on the table, and I hope you put it in the right place.”

He convinced Chris to take the role. But after he finally said ‘YES,’ Chris went to therapy for the first time in his life. Understanding himself and facing his fears was key to bring Steve Rogers to life and the leader of The Avengers as well. Recognition came from Robert, who convinced him to do this.

This is what Rober Downey Jr said:

“I’ve seen him, over the last ten years, go from being someone who had laughable anxiety to someone who has grown more and more comfortable in his own skin.”

Now, the world owes one more debt to Tony Stark…


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