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Chris Evans Makes Fun Of Himself Post Instagram Mishap…But He Has An Important Message!

Chris Evans
Source: Looper

Chris Evans Deletes Story Showing His Private Part

By this point, you would be well aware of the Chris Evans controversy. In an attempt to showcase paying Head Up with his family and friends, he accidentally showed a little too much through his Instagram story. Chris accidentally revealed a picture of his private part from his phone gallery, and everyone forgot about the Heads Up game. However, after realizing his mistake, he immediately removed the story and went mute for the next many hours keeping a zipped mouth. However, his fans did not leave him so quickly, and he became the talk of the town.

Source: Looper

Chris Evans Jokes About His Instagram Story With His Latest Tweet

Chris Evans remained silent for a long time and did not issue any clarification as well. However, he is known for his wit and smart talk. After staying quiet, he made a comeback a few hours later through Twitter and turned the situation around. In a somewhat joking way, he tried to make use of this momentum to spread a useful message and asked his fans to vote on NovemberΒ  3rd. His tweet read:

β€œNow that I have your attention… VOTE Nov 3rd!!!”

Well played, Chris.

Chris Evans’ Brother Scott Evans Trolls His Brother

It looks like the whole Evans family is a master in turning a joke on them in their favor. The latest to join the Army of trollers was Chris’ brother Scott. He also did not miss the opportunity to poke fun at his brother. However, it was not an insult and was a joke that was made in a lighter sense by Scott. Scott made a sarcastic tweet, which was a dig at his brother’s Instagram mishap. He said:

β€œWas of the social media for the day yesterday. So, what’d I miss?”


Source: USA Today

Marvel Actor Kat Dennings Points Out Sexism In People’s Reaction

Most of the people were either joking or supportive of Chris when the whole trend broke out. However, Kat Dennings pointed out the sexism in the attitude of people. She said:

β€œThe public respect for Chris Evans’ privacy/feelings is wonderful. Wouldn’t it be nice if it extended to women when this kind of thing happens?”

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