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Chris Evans: Things You Don’t Know About The First Avenger

Chris Evans

Chris Evans and Don Cheadle are very good friends. Both have starred in multiple Avengers films together. Chris plays Captain America. Whereas Don Cheadle plays War Machine aka Iron Patriot.

They claim to be the best of friends in real life as well. But there is one sport in which the two stars get extremely competitive. The game is none other than ‘Fantasy Football’.

Moreover, Chris and Don Cheadle are fierce competitors. Both stars own separate teams when it comes to ‘Fantasy Football’.Β  Other than Chris Evans, even big shots like Chris Pratt, Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, and Paul Rudd are involved in the game.

Back in 2018, the two co-stars had a fun banter about the game on Twitter. The whole fiasco went down on Don Cheadle’s Birthday!

Chris Evan’s Twitter Feud

When journalist Josh Horowitz asked Chris Evans, Don Cheadle, Miles Teller, Garrett Hedlund, James Marsden, and a few other celebs who ‘won the league?’

Subsequently, Chris responded by saying that he who won the game. Along with this, he added that it was ‘the second year in a row’ that he was winning the game.

After that, Don Cheadle responded to Chris on Twitter. He tweeted ‘How do you manage to sound so smug in only 8 words?’

Just a few minutes after this response, Chris hit back at Don with a sarcastic reply.

Similarly, banter went back and forth and ended with Evans quoting a character from Don’s film career.

Chris Evans Plays Piano

Chris recently uploaded a video of himself playing piano on Instagram. A Twitter Fan Account reposted the video.

Evans mentioned that he is still learning to play the piano. In the video, he can be seen playing the piano with ease. Β The clip is about 30 seconds long. Fans have been admiring how well Chris Evans plays the piano. He was trying to play a piece by Fabrizio Paterlini.

Reactions By Other Celebs

Pianist Fabrizio Paterlini tweeted about the video and mentioned that he was thankful that the actor was trying to learn his work.

Similarly, Celeb Ashely K added the video on her feed on Twitter as well. She also added a funny note about how Mozart had gone quiet ever since Evans’ video was shared.

Along with this, even Jimmy Fallon also talked a bit about the video on his show. Most importantly, he shared a clip on his late-night show handle.

Consequently, there were multiple retweets across the globe by his fans and admirers.

His Thanksgiving Tweet


When Chris Evans Compared To Baby Yoda In Viral Thread On Twitter

Baby Yoda is a popular character from the series The Mandalorian.Β  It is extensively used as a meme template for many hilarious Baby Yoda memes. Recently, a fan club of the actor has shared a thread of pictures comparing him to Baby Yoda.

Moreover, the expressions of Chris Evans match that of Baby Yoda and Tweetsters cannot get enough of it.


In conclusion, fans can’t get enough of it.

Evans Isn’t A Trump Supporter

Donald Trump makes controversial claims all the time. Every other day he tweets something that downright wrong. His tweets have even been flagged by Twitter. Above all, he recently made a statement regarding the elections which was criticized by many celebrities. For instance, 0ne among the celebs was our beloved Captain America.

Recently, Trump made a statement about election fraud. In addition to this, he said that he would ‘easily win’ if the legal votes were counted. Above all, he claims that “Dead People Voted”. In addition, he also claims that there were “Huge Dumps” in favor of his opponent Joe Biden.

However, it is official that Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States of America.

Upcoming Projects

Evans is also speculated to be in Extraction Sequel, alongside his friend and co-star Chris Hemsworth.

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