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Chris Pratt: Co-stars Speaking Up For Pratt, After He Receives The Tag Of WORST Chris On Twitter!

Chris Pratt Receives The Most Shocking Tag
source: The Direct

The recent Action by the Tweeps On Twitter has taken a wrong turn. The so-called Fun task set by the American Filmmaker Amy Berg has put herself in trouble. Chris Pratt has recently been tagged as the WORST Chris amongst Chris Pine, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth. Unfortunately, Chris Pratt won the pole and is now trending On Twitter as Worst Chris Of all time. Well, there’s more to this story. Hence let us move ahead with the information and know more about it.

Chris Pratt Receives The Most Shocking Tag

Chris Pratt Receives The Most Shocking Tag
Source: NBC News

The Marvel series Actor Pratt has been awarded as the ‘worst’ Chris of all time amongst Chris Pine, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth. The story starts from the day when Hollywood Director Amy Berg Hold a contest on Twitter. She asked Tweeps to come up with one name amongst the 4 Chris Of Hollywood Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt. The person who gains the majority vote will be tagged as The ‘Worst’ Chris of all time.


As a result, Tweeps did their job, and unfortunately, Chris Pratt turned out to be the winner. Pratt was under several controversies before, where he was believed to be homophobic and have some terrible political influence. Hence that affected his image a lot since the day he was misunderstood as Homophobic. However, many celebrities disliked the idea of American Filmmaker Amy Berg and expressed their views on the same.

Co-stars Speaking Up For Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Receives The Most Shocking Tag
source: Deseret News

Co-stars and other Hollywood Biggies are disappointed to learn that people take part in such a pathetic task that degrades someone’s image. At the same time, many others showed concern towards the Star as he is being trolled all over social media websites.

Taking Pratt’s Stand, Ruffalo tweeted. “I know him personally, and instead of casting aspersions, look at how he lives his life. He is just not overtly political as a rule.” While Robert Downey Jr. tweeted, “If you take issue with Chris… I’ve got a novel idea. Delete your social media accounts, sit with your defects of character, work on THEM, then celebrate your humanness.”

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