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Chris Pratt Receives the Tag Of ‘WORST’ Chris Of All Time, Stars Supporting Pratt!

Chris Pratt Receives The Most Shocking Tag
source: Deseret News

Social Media Website creates many stars such as influencers and others and helps them reach their desired goals. However, you all must have noticed an underrated common man getting hype all over social media for his skill and art. Well, The best example is Baba ka Dhaba and others. No one ever knew that person who gets so much hype just after his video went viral all over social media websites. But, Social Media holds the power to degrades someone’s image too. A few days back, Twitter announced a battle is asking the Twitter community to name the best ‘Chris’ amongst Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, and Chris Hemsworth. However, the competition turned out to be shocking as the Tweeps Cornered one of the famous Hollywood Star Amongst All the ‘Chris.’ Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about the Social Media Outrage.

Chris Pratt Receives The Tag Of Worst ‘Chris’

Chris Pratt Receives The Tag Of Worst 'Chris'
source: NY Daily News

The Jurrasic World Starred Actor is given the tag of ‘worst Chris’ amongst Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, and Chris Hemsworth. The battle was encouraged by Twitter recently, and the results came out to be unfair. However, the majority of the tweeps Cornerned the Guardians of The galaxy star while the battle was live, and tagged him the most Worst Chris of all time. Pratt is one of Hollywood’s biggest names, and naming an Incredible actor as ‘Worst’ is a Huge Disappointment.

The Reason

If you’re unaware, Pratt was dragged into the controversy where he was assumed to be homophobic. As a result, Pratt’s image kept Falling after his fans and others came to know about the same. It was believed that the Guardian of Galaxy’s Star followed those churches who are don’t support and encourage LGBTQ+ rights. However, Avengers Endgame star denied the allegations and made a clear statement that he is one of the kinds who support LGBTQ rights and promotes Same-sex relationship. As a result, the same image was set into people’s minds, which might be why people considered him the ‘Worst.’

Celebrities Supporting Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Receives The Tag Of Worst 'Chris'
source: Los Angeles Times

Vast numbers of Known Personality and others came in Support of the Star. Where many tweeted their views on the same. Robert Downey Jr wrote, “What a world… The ‘sinless’ are casting stones at my #brother, Chris Pratt. A true #Christian who lives by #principle has never shown anything but #positivity and #gratitude… AND he just married into a family that makes space for civil discourse. And (just plain fact) INSISTS on service as the highest value. If you take issue with Chris, I’ve got a novel idea. Delete your social media accounts, sit with your defects of #character, work on THEM, then celebrate your humanness… @prattprattpratt I #gotyerbackbackback.”

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