Chris Rock Slams Nancy Pelosi In Recent Interview. Check Out Why? Chris talks about Trump and Pelosi making a controversial statement
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Chris Rock Slams Nancy Pelosi In Recent Interview. Check Out Why!

Chris Rock Slams Nancy Pelosi In Recent Interview. Check Out Why!: After Nancy Pelosi made an announcement on Wednesday saying, everyone has to be in the session until the Covid19 pandemic Chris rock blasted badly. Rock accused Pelosi of contradicting her statement.

Chris Rock’s Statement Over Nancy Pelosi’s Announcement

Chris Rock blasts on the speaker, Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday, basically accusing of first letting the COVID 19 come in the country. For risking America’s life and then making a statement that she is the one who wants to save the country.

via New York Times


During an interview with the New York Times, Chris talked about Nancy Pelosi’s action, and he turned out saying that both Pelosi and Trump are playing with America’s feelings and using them for elections. Every effort has to be taken a few weeks before elections.


Rock says that Pelosi’s statement is completely baseless, it’s basically to make Trump win the elections. He says Pelosi first let COVID 19 come in America and now over 1 lakh people are dead. Almost 6 million already got diagnosed and now making a statement like this makes Pelosi a hypocrite.


Chris, in the interview, mentions his talk with his friend, where his comedian friend mentions Trump as a ‘landlord’. He then says we’re in a predicament” because “no one has less compassion for humans than a landlord.”Β Comparing the cruel landowners to Trump. According to him, Trump has no compassion for humans, and he is only greedy for power.


He then linked the president to the 1987 film “The Last Emperor,” which he noted features a child ruler. What do you think about Chris Rock’s statement?

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