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Chris Rock Slams Obama! Feels Obama As President Was A Progress For White People!

Chris Rock Obama
Source: Business Insider India

Chris Rock Feels Barack Obama Becoming President Was A Progress For White People

Chris Rock has a very different opinion when it comes to Obama becoming the President of the US. While many feel it helped the black people’s fight against racism, Chris disagrees with it. He compared Obama’s presidency to Jackie Robinson, who was the first black person to play in Major League Baseball. Chris said:

β€œI said this before, but Obama becoming the president, it’s progress for white people. It’s not progress for black people. It’s written like he broke a barrier as if there weren’t black people that could play before him. And that’s how white people have learned about racism. They think, when these people work hard enough, they’ll be like Jackie.”

Chris Rock Obama
Source: Business Insider India

Chris Rock Has An Alternative Thought Process To Beat Racism

Chris Rock feels instead of making black people work harder, and the effort should make to make white people understand that everyone is equal irrespective of their colour. He said:

β€œThe real narrative should be that these people, the black people, are being abused by a group of people that are mentally handicapped. And we’re trying to get them past their mental handicaps to see that all people are equal.”

Chris Rock Uses Analogy Of Domestically Abused Women To Describe Current Fight Against Racism

Chris Rock tried to explain the flaw in the current attitude of fighting racism. He compared the black people to a woman who is domestically abused by her husband. He said:

β€œIf a woman’s in an abusive relationship and her husband stops beating her, you wouldn’t say she’s made progress, right? But that’s what we do with black people. We’re constantly told that we’re making progress. The relationship we’re inβ€”the arranged marriage that we’re inβ€”it’s that we’re getting beat less.”

Chris Rock
Source: Ebony Magazine

Chris Rock Slams Democrats And Donald Trump

Chris Rock does not support either of the two parties. He feels Trump is a five-year-old who is not mature enough to be a President. Moreover, he also accused the Democrats of spreading the coronavirus as they ignored it and went after impeaching Trump from his Presidency.

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