Chris Stapleton black lives matter comment gets him into controversy. Chris Stapleton comes out addresses black lives matter issue.
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Chris Stapleton ‘Black Lives Matter’ Comment Gets Him In A Controversy!

Chris Stapleton’ ‘ Black Lives Matter” Comment Gets Him In A Controversy!: According to the reports, in a recent interview, Chris Stapleton told CBS that’s not lost on him. The discussion happened today morning on; it was in the context of black lives matter.

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In the interview, Stapleton admitted that according to him, we were living in a completely different county. A country that is not real. He then adds that the world he thought he was living was a myth.

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In the interview, someone asked Chris what he thinks about Black lives matter. He quickly responds to that saying he, of course, believes that black lives do matter and there’s no question about it. He says he doesn’t know how other thinks ill of black people.

His comment on the question touched—millions of heart. Fans like and support his perception of living and believing. However, they got into many controversies after his interview.

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The Interview.

Addressing the situation further, Chris calls the protests after George Floyd’s’s death a “broad awakening” in our country. However, he then added:

“I think everybody should be doing more. It’s time for me to listen. And it’s time for other folks to listen.”


He was talking about Chris, since the start, he got quarantined due to the pandemic for almost six months. He got quarantined with and children all along. It was the first interview since pandemic.

Although 2020 has been one of the roughest on the many professions including the entire music industry, Stapleton showers positivity by saying he’s still hopeful about his very long-term goals as an artist. He says:

“We all hope for that Willie Nelson career where we’re, you know, 85 or 86, and we can go play as much as or as little as we want to.”




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