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Christina Aguilera Doesn’t Want To Go On A Diet Anymore, She Learnt To Accept Herself

Christina Aguilera Doesn’t Want To Go On A Diet Anymore, She Learnt To Accept Herself: It’s not surprising that everyone wants to look beautiful. And that too if you are a celebrity, then we should be more conscious about our looks. But its sometimes necessary to be ourselves than to look beautiful. Maybe this is what Christina Aguilera has realised by having strict diets.


Christina Aguilera
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Christina Aguilera Reveals Facing Body Anxiety Issues

In an interview with Β L’Officiel Itali, she reveals that she went through body anxiety issues and was being self-critical on herself for many reasons. But she somehow managed to push herself in every situation and moved ahead. It made her decision to not go on a diet as she started accepting the way she is

True Beauty Is The Ability To Oneself

She further revealed that many members of society criticised her for her body and looks. Initially, it was more challenging, but here every one is unique in their way, and these small differences are created in the minds of the people, and we should change it. So she firmly said that she is not going to diet to change any of her body parts

She further added that true beauty is the ability to know oneself and project that in an unmistakable light. We should be pure from the heart to be beautiful. As they say, Face is the index of the mind

Her Advice To People With Similar Problems

She advised everyone to be kind and do inner research to know yourself. Because we should know ourselves before judging others. We should always mind our own business and lead our life and should not care about what others do

We hope that Christina’s advice helps people going through similar problems.

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