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Christopher Ellis Died From Evident Heroin Overdose

Christopher Ellis Died From Evident Heroin Overdose
Source: TMZ.com

Christopher Ellis Died From Evident Heroin Overdose: On September 9, Chris Ellis’ dead body got discovered in his home at night. According to reports, it was a heroin overdose which took his life.

A Syringe With A Small Amount Of Heroin Was Found Nearby

Cops reached his house after getting calls. His body leaned forward while his head laid on the table. A metal spoon and liquor bottle were lying to his side. Also, a syringe with a small amount of dark liquid was nearby. Police noted a considerable amount of heroin in it.

Reports say that his roommate last saw him two days before Chris death. He further added that he tried to check on him several times, but his door got bolted from inside. Then he turned to their two mutual friends for help.

Any Signs Of Foul Play Has Been Ruled Out

After that, the door opened, and his deceased body was there. Cops told that his roommates knew that he had drinking issues. However, they were unaware of any drug use. Later 2 of his friends revealed that Chris did take drugs in the past.

Police have ruled out any sign of foul play.

OKC Medical Examiner confirmed that Chris died on September 9. A toxicology report of the body is still pending.

Chris Was A Cast Member On Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws”

Christopher Scott Ellis is well known as a cast member Discovery’s Channel Street Outlaws. His nickname was Kentucky. Chris coworkers found him as a hardworking and humorous man.

Ellis family stated, “Chris was a dearly-loved brother, son, and friend who will be deeply missed by all who knew him.”

Chris is survived by his mother, three sisters and three brothers. He was only 39 years old.

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