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Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Was At The Right time.

Christopher Nolan Dark Knight

The ubiquity of superhero movies can almost not be properly articulated. They are arguably one of the biggest forms of entertainment in the film industry right now. Day after day, new and unique concepts are emerging, pushing the boundaries of creativity. But sometimes the factors that go into making these movies are often overlooked. Christopher Nolan came out to say what influenced the Dark Knight Trilogy.

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Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan has come out to say, that his time was the best to make his Dark Knight trilogy. The point being there were little to no boundaries to push against. For instance, Christopher talks about how there was enough free time to take in between movies. This is in contrast to movies today, being pressured into reducing the gap between adventures.


Another instance is how back then there were no laid down storylines to follow in comic books. This allowed for freedom in thought and flexibility in the creative process of the Dark Knight. It’s safe to ascertain that Christopher Nolan was in the right place at the right time with the right ideas.Β 

β€œIt was the right moment in time for the telling of the story I wanted to do. The origin story for Batman had never been addressed in film or fully in the comics. There wasn’t a particular or exact thing we had to follow. There was a gap in movie history. Superman had a very definitive telling with Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner. The version of that with Batman had never been told. We were looking at this telling of an extraordinary figure in an ordinary world.”

  • Nolan says in an interview.


All these factors not only helped make something unique but also set a high bar for others. We are yet to see something from DC that can measure up for the meantime. While we’re yet to see what the new Batman series may offer, it’s going to be more fast-paced. But hopefully, It can measure up.Β 

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