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Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” FAILED To Summon US Audience As The Pandemic Continues!

Big Release "Tenet" Failed To Summon US Audience As The pandemic Continues
Source: Daily Mail

Tenet Earned Only $4.7 million As Domestic Releases So Far.

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” FAILED To Summon US Audience As The Pandemic Continues!: Recently Christopher Nolan’s latest movie “Tenet” hit the theatres at the US box office this week. However, it failed to gather much money. So far its earning is $4.7 million as domestic releases.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world on toll. Several movies took the burn of it, including Tenet that disappointed with its $36M of total domestic earning.

Box office collection does not seem to escalate any further as there aren’t any big release till 23 October.

Two-thirds of American theatres opened for the American audience. However, there are still some restrictions because of the Coronavirus outbreak. For instance, cinema halls can operate only in the time limit allotted by the government. They have to follow proper precautionary measures.

Some Theatres Opened Only In The Hope of Getting Good Response From Tenet.

People are still reluctant to go to theatres. It is clear as only a few people are coming to watch even big releases like Tenet. It gets revealed that some cinema owners opened their theatres in the hope of getting a good response for Tenet, but its ticket sales aren’t up to the mark. Theatre owners have to bear the loss.

LA-adjacent Orange County had the best sell among all the theatres. The owner said that the film would have earned far more if all the significant markets opened.

Other Films Have Disappointed Too

Tenet did cross $250 million globally, but the numbers aren’t impressive. In this case, Disney’s “Mulan” tanked at the box office. Like in China, its second-weekend collection dropped to as low as 72%. The film is being criticised for being inauthentic.

According to sources, Disney’s X-Men horror spin-off “The New Mutants” collected around  $1.6 million in the 1st week.

Theatres in America have restarted after remaining closed for six months. But latest releases have only added to the disappointment.

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