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Christopher Russell & Kurt Russell: What’s The Beef Between Them?

Are you are already in the fall Christian feels than you must look back at the famous ‘Forever Christmas.’ However, a lot of news about the man in the movie Christopher (Will) is going out. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Christopher Russell

The film is about a cute couple of producer named Sophie (Chelsea Hobbs) and a man named Will (Christopher Russell) who celebrates Christmas every single day of the 12 months. The movie was released in 2018. It touched the hearts of millions of people.


In the movie, we can see how Sophie slowly but surely understands why Will loves Christmas so much. And not just Sophie, even the audience connected to Will a lot while understanding the real reason behind it.

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Will’s father and his mother both died on the day of Christmas. And hence that is the day he celebrates in the memory of his parents. She even mentions that he wants to protect his parent’s soul.


Christopher has been in many Christmas movies. I am sure growing up have seen some of his films for sure—a Dream of Christmas, A Pet for Christmas, and Christmas Unleashed and many more. Talking about Kurt Russell, even he has been in a lot of famous movies.


Recently a lot of speculations have been done if Christopher and Kurt are related to one another. Fans are interested to know if they are. And the answer is yes, both of them are good Hollywood actors, and hence in many ways, they resemble one another. However, they are not associated with each other. What do you think about it?

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