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City Only For Black People? 100 Acres Land Bought By Black Lives Matters Supporters ! Know Why

Black Lives Matters: After the Brutal death of George Floyd, Racism has become an important issue to solve all over the world. Riots took place all over America, and the world after one American possible brutally killed a man George Floyd. Famous celebrities like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Taylor swift and may others took part in the riot too. People all around the world fought for justice. Black lives matter has become a big slogan that shouts to eradicate racism.

What is the new city? Only for black people?

Recently, a report came out which claimed that a group of 19 families and the supporters of Black lives matters have no bought a 98 acres land where only black people will live. The acres of land they bought is in Toomsboro, Georgia, to plant the seeds for a thriving new city. A city for the black people and their families for a better future without any racism and riots.

Black Lives Matters
Black Lives Matters

When asked to the officials who started the idea, said β€˜The land is basically forΒ the establishment of an innovative communityΒ where black people are not looked down at. Where people feel equal and free, it isΒ for environmentally sustainable-living, health & wellnessΒ and for the overall development of the people and their environment.

The official further says that their aim is. To be a premier recreational, educational and culture destination for black people and their families across Africa and the world. They say they are here to welcome black families and their allies for a better world.

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The idea first started with Ashley Scott, who is the founder of the group. He started the group with his pals, and it now has almost 19 families with him altogether. The group is now encouraging new people who support black lives matter and are willing to be a part.


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