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Coco Austin Shows A Throwback Photo Of Her Daughter Chanel

Coco Austin with her daughter Chanel
Source: The Blast

Who Is Coco Austin?

Coco Austin Shows A Throwback Photo Of Her Daughter Chanel!:Β Coco Austin is an American Dancer, Actress and a Model. She is married to American rapper, songwriter, actor and record producer Tracy Marrow, famously known as Ice-T.

The couple got married in 2002 and have a beautiful 4-year-old daughter named Chanel Marrow. Austin began her career with modelling in a swimsuit, lingerie and did body modelling for catalogues, calendars and videos.

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Recently, amid the Coronavirus Pandemic and quarantine, Coco posted a throwback picture of herself and her daughter Chanel on Instagram. Let us get into the details of this throwback picture!

Coco Austin Shows A Throwback Photo Of Her Daughter Chanel!

Photographs are a way of keeping memories intact! That’s what our American actress Coco Austin did! Recently, she uploaded a photo on her Instagram account “@coco” captioning ‘Feeling flowery today… we love matching our purses.’

By now, we all know that Coco and Chanel wear adorable matching outfits! While quarantining in Arizona, Coco and Chanel wore matching swimsuits.

Chanel with Ice-T
Source: Amomama

In another Instagram story, Coco uploaded a photo of Ice-T and Chanel. Ice-T wore a black T-shirt. On the other hand, Chanel wore an adorable polka dot dress with a matching hat! The photo is an ‘Instagram memory’ dates back in 2017 when Chanel was just a 2-year-old!

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It’s always a delight to look at Coco and Chanel posing and wearing matching outfits! It’s safe to say they are mother-daughter goals! The mother-daughter duo not only matches outfits but, they also do manicures and pedicures together while taking exotic vacations!

Coco Austin On Her Relationship With Her Daughter, Chanel

Coco and Chanel are inseparable since Coco’s birth! Although we would want Chanel to have a younger sibling, Coco cleared out that she does not want another kid. Coco wants to give her entire attention to Chanel and spoil her.

Coco an dChanel
Source: Star Magazine

While Coco enjoys dressing up Chanel with matching outfits, she wants Chanel to do something else and not go into fashion. She feels that Chanel can do anything she wants!

Well, time will tell us what Chanel aspires to become. Until then, let’s gush over how adorable Coco and Chanel are!






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