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Coco Austin Shows Off Husband Ice-T And Daughter Chanel!

Ice-T, Coco Austin and Chanel Marrow
Source: AmoMama

Everything You Need To Know About Coco, Ice-T And Chanel

Coco Austin Shows Off Husband Ice-T And Daughter Chanel!:Β CocoΒ Austin is one of the best American model, actress, dancer and web personality. The 41-year-old former model has more skills than you know! Austin is a Ballet, Jazz as well as Tap dancer.

Since her youth, Austin loved modelling and going in front of the camera! At the age of 18, Austin specialized in a swimsuit, lingerie and body modelling for catalogues, calendars and videos.

Coco is married to Ice-T the American rapper since 2002. They have a beautiful daughter together named Chanel. Chanel is now 4-years-old, and she is their only kid.

Coco and Chanel
Source: Celebrity Insider

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Coco and Tracy Marrow, famously known as Ice-T, have beautiful marriage together and are very proud of each other. That’s why Coco does not leave a single opportunity to show off her husband and daughter to the world!

Let us dig in the details of how Coco shows off Ice-T and Chanel!

Coco Austin Shows Off Husband Ice-T And Daughter Chanel!

Coco and Chanel do not only prove to be a mother-daughter duo but the three of them- Coco, Ice-T and Chanel, have superb family relations! Recently, Austin flaunted an adorable moment between her husband Ice-T and her 4-year-old daughter Chanel.

Chanel and Ice-T on their carwashing day
Source: AmoMama

Coco put up two stories of Ice-T and Chanel on their car washing day. In the photo, Chanel wore an adorable pink and white striped dress alongside a pair of sunglasses. Ice-T sat next to his daughter wearing an all-black outfit posing stylishly for the photograph.

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Inside Coco Austin And Ice-T’s 18 Year Marriage

We are aware that long marriages in Hollywood don’t work, but Coco and Ice-T’s 18-year-old marriage is an example. The two have survived throughout their marriage without having to think about splitting up despite the pesky rumours.

Coco, Ice-T and Chanel
Source: AmoMama

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Even though there is a massive 20-year gap between the two, their chemistry is undeniable! Coco met Ice-T when she was 22, and he was 42. There was an instant physical attraction, but soon the duo fell in love with each other!

The family is one of the sweetest celeb families, and the duo continues to spoil their daughter Chanel with all their love!


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