Colby Covington Insults Fellow Fighter LeBron, Calls Him ’Coward’. He also insults Joe Biden calls him, Sleepy Joe. Check out now!
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Colby Covington Insults Fellow Fighter LeBron, Calls Him A COWARD!

Colby Covington Insults Fellow Fighter LeBron, Calls Him A COWARD!: Colby Covington is one of the most famous yet the most controversial fighters of all time. He is known to start chaos for all the wrong reason. Could you have a look at what he did now?

Colby’s Fight Gets Ugly.

Colby is an American mixed material artist. He fights for the UFC and ranks number 2 on the list. The 32-year-old has had a lot of controversies recently from Conor McGregor walking off from the cage to continually having a strong political opinion and much more.

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On Saturday, night Colby had a fight with Tyron WoodleyΒ to which he won a comfortable victory. After that, he had a tough battle with another great fighter LeBron James.


For those who don’t know, James is another grand fight at the Los Angeles Lakers. He is known to have a strong voice which he uses against racism, police brutality and much more.


After the loss of LeBron, Colby wrote a big letter with a message for LeBron, who lost the match. However, he dedicates his victory to the military and thanks to his supporters.

The Brutal Message By Colby.

The message by Colby starts by thanking Job Anik. However, the controversy begins when Colby starts insulting his fellow fighter who lost the match by calling him woke athlete.


Colby also slams Joe Biden, the new candidate for the presidential race. He ends off by says that if you think what I did was a victory than wait until Trump beats the ‘Sleepy Joe’ indicating Joe Biden. Colby then says he wants to dedicate his win to the military. What do you think about the controversial statement he made? Do you think he did the right thing making those statements?

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