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Cole Sprouse Is Doing Okay Post His Breakup With Girlfriend Lili Reinhart And He’s Quarantining With His Co-Star KJ Apa!

Cole Sprouse And lili Reinhart

Cole Sprouse Relationship Updates

Cole Sprouse And lili Reinhart Cole is an American actor. Also, his twin brother is Dylan Sprouse. Lili Reinhart is an American actress. However, she is famous for the character Betty Cooper in the CW teen drama series Riverdale. So, many people say that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart were in a relationship a long time ago. But, these two have not made any official news regarding their relationship. Also, recently Cole Sprouse, twin brother Dylan Sprouse has made some comments regarding the dating of his brother.


Thus, Dylan has revealed that his twin brother Cole Sprouse has broken up with Lili Reinhart. Also, he said that Cole was quarantining with KJ Apa. As we all know, due to the ongoing issues of the coronavirus, everyone is staying at home. Also, we have seen many actors are coming into relationships and decide to marry them. Unfortunately, the outbreak has made some actors take divorce with their life partners.

Cole Sprouse With KJ Apa

Earlier, Cole and Lili were in dating from 2007, and they had broken up recently. So, the twin brother of Cole Sprouse has said that he has taken a step after his breakup. Thus, the reason behind Cole and Lili Reinhart for being together in quarantine.

Cole Sprouse With KJ Apa
Cole Sprouse With KJ Apa

Also, Dyan said that his brother Cole Sprouse had undergone many revolutions after his breakup. However, Sprouse is the co-star for Lili Reinhart, and that made them be quarantined together. The team of Zack and Cody has revealed this regarding their dating in the outbreak.

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So, rumors say that Cole Sprouse and Lili were not together from April, after facing many ups and downs in their relationship. Also, the outbreak has made them be separate. However, distance doesn’t matter in any relationship.

A few days, Skeet and his girlfriend have made a clue regarding the relationship of Cole Sprouse and Lili. So, in the official account, a fan has asked that, were Cole and Lili a cute couple. Thus, Skeet said that “I think they were a very cute couple.” So, after using the word “were,” people got confirmed that the cute people were no longer in the relationship.


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