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Comedy Actor Terry Crews Slammed After his Tweet of Boycotting Magic City

Why did his tweet catch so much attention?

Comedy actor and activist Terry Crews caught everyone’s attention for boycotting a famous strip club in Atlanta, Georgia. The “Expendables” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star tweeted to avoid the downtown Magic City Club. He also mentioned hashtag “#blacklovematters” in his tweet.

Terry Crews tweet about boycotting “Magic Club.”

Magic City is famous for featuring black dancers. So, it was weird why he wanted to boycott the club in the first place. It follows the trend of Hip Hop and R&B music from the beginning. The club was started in 1985 by toner salesman Michael Barney. One of the regular customers recounted Atlanta Magazine by saying “you can go on Monday night and stand beside a millionaire, the biggest thief in Atlanta, the biggest drug dealer in Atlanta, the police, and one of the biggest rappers or R&B artists in the worldβ€”all in the same room.”

How the people reacted to his tweet?

Many people defended the Magic Club and the sex workers working there. One of the journalists tweeted that why he was using #blacklovematter while calling for a boycott. As most of the people working there are black, he shouldn’t have a problem with it. She added that even if he had no wrong intention, somehow he always ends up attacking black women instead of protecting them. The woman was confused and uncomfortable with his tweet. Another Twitter user called his act shameful. His tweet was felt unnecessary by a large section of people.

Terry Crews received a major backlash for downgrading the esteemed Magic City club in Atlanta. The next day, he confessed that his tweet was ill-timed. However, he had no wrong intention. Terry prayed for the welfare of sex workers who are trapped in this business. This created further raucous as people called him sexist. He said they are not products but people who need love. Twitter was flooded with hate comments and there was a heated argument between his supporters and despisers.

“Terry Crew” admits in his tweet that it was ill-timed.
One of the user’s reactions to Terry’s tweet.


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