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Connie Chung’s Legacy Continues Even After She Disappeared From The TV!

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Connie Chung’s Legacy Continues Even After She Disappeared From The TV!: Connie Chung is one of the most well-known journalists in the United States in the year 1990s. Chung got her start-up working in the capital during the Watergate era.

The journalist with a lost legacy

Chung Became A Star

Connie worked in the renowned News channels such as NBC and CBS, where she co-anchored the CBS Evening News as her show Eye to Eye with Connie Chung.

She was the second WomanWoman and first Asian Woman to anchor a nightly news broadcast in the United States. Then as quickly as she rose to the top of the heap, all of a sudden, she disappeared. What happened?

The Sudden Disappearance

At the height of her career, Chung became embroiled in controversy. A few of her interviews in 1995 caused panic at CBS, and, almost overnight, Chung was out.

There was finger-pointing, betrayal, vast sums of money, charges of sexism, charges of yellow journalism β€” all the ingredients for the type of story that Chung would typically break.

The young journalist

But instead of breaking the news, Chung suddenly found herself at the centre of it. Here’s why this well-known journalist seemingly disappeared.

Life At CBS And NBC

Chung family found her decision to study the field of television journalism surprising. After graduating, Chung got a job as a correspondent in Washington, D.C. for the CBS Evening News.

Connie proved her knack for chasing the story. She shared an anecdote on Watch What Happens Live in 2018 about an interview with President Richard Nixon during the height of the Watergate scandal.

After bouncing around a bit in the 1970s, Chung eventually found a home at NBC in 1983, anchoring the morning show NBC News at Sunrise. She also arrived at the NBC Nightly News on Saturdays.

The End Of Her Stardom

Chung, several interviews that got recognized for a good reason, talks with Bill Gates and with Magic Johnson, it was not long before her work came under fire for both its format and content.

Both Chung and CBS got criticized for what The Baltimore Sun described as embracing “the tabloid sensibility and mindless celebration of celebrity.

Also, Chung in 1995 anchored two now-infamous interviews damaging her career beyond repair.

Connie Speaks About Sexual Harassment

As a young journalist, Connie Chung’s success came with the challenge of dealing with sexism and wholly inappropriate treatment from men in the industry.

It wasn’t until after the #MeToo movement that Chung felt comfortable enough to talk about her experiences.

In 2018, talk show host Andy Cohen asked Chung if she got sexually harassed in her career, and she told him:

Β “Yeah. Every day. Let me say for the record that anybody that sexually harassed me is now dead.”

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