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Coronavirus Causes Disturbance Between NASA Employee But Perseverance Rovers Are On Track!

Case Overview

First and foremost, we all know how much effect the COVID-19 has done to all business and economic industries around. In addition to this, NASA centres across the country have stopped working and are completely shut down. However, only a few of them are allowed to work on the spot only for some crucial work. Apart from this, most of them are working from home due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Secondly, they might face a half-billion-dollar fee if they delay their projects. This shows how important it is to keep the centres working.Β 

Thirdly, Bridenstine shared diverse, exciting topics during an ongoing interview. However, none of the issues is more interesting than the COVID-19 effect. In addition to this, COVID-19 has affected the workings of NASA.

Coronavirus disturbs NASA
The new mars rover perseverance from NASA under testing.

The ProjectsΒ 

Firstly, there are many projects on the line to be finished soon. Also, many projects are scheduled for the future. Due to which they brought in a very nice program. As the topic says, this is the Commercial Crew Program and the Mars Presrverance rover.Β 

Most importantly, this will be warranting the employees of NASA. Apart from this, the project in early times was known as Mars 2020.Β Β 

Coronavirus: Space X And Boeing

Firstly, let me ask you guys a question. Have you ever imagined the spacecraft used to send astronauts to space? SpaceX and Boeing especially are trying to build an alternative for the Soyuz Spacecraft. Most importantly, Soyuz spacecraft exclusively used to send astronauts to space.Β 

Coronavirus disturbs NASA
Boeing partners with Space X in the upcoming project.

Secondly, the last space shuttle retired in 2011. The international space station is a $100 billion investment by people of American taxpayers. Anyways, the mission is still going forward.Β 

Third, Mars Rover Perseverance is a vital mission for NASA. Apart from this, the MARS rover mission is essential and at a critical phase. NASA has a minimal time frame available to launch this mission.Β 

In addition to the above statement, Mars Rover can only be launched during certain specific time gaps when two planets are at the required desired position. Failing to get the Mars Rover in skies before July 17, 2020, will be very disastrous for NASA.Β 

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