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Coronavirus Lockdown: Facebook Launches Standalone Gaming App


The outbreak of the COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt. Cities have been forced into lockdown. People are being quarantined by the dozen. The Coronavirus lockdown has disrupted every primary industry and business that exists on the globe.

The people face grave danger from protecting themselves from this. But another major problem amidst all this is keeping yourself entertained. And the outside world has been doing a spot-on job so far. Several streaming networks like Netflix and Amazon Prime have offered extended trial periods as an effort to keep people amused.

And it looks like even Facebook has chipped in with something. Facebook on Monday, 20th April, has launched a standalone gaming app. The App has been made available to Android. The iOS-compatible version of the App is still in the worksβ€”the game to be coming up soon.

Coronavirus Lockdown
The new Facebook Gaming created for the Coronavirus Lockdown.

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Coronavirus Lockdown: New Facebook App

This is all that the App has to offer.

  • Users can now create and watch live streams of games.
  • Watch “e-sports” or game competitions.
  • Participate in games with other online users
  • Watch your favourite streamers
  • Play in groups

This move by Facebook comes as a response to Twitch, owned by Amazon. Officials at Facebook have said this App comes in a time where encouraging more and more community relations is becoming essential.

Coronavirus Lockdown
The new feature of Facebook just for Coronavirus Lockdown- Facebook Gaming.

The App has seen keen interest since its launch. Within four days, the global users for the App have already crossed 700 million. The App was in a testing place in some countries since 2018. However, the social network accelerated the launch to encourage meaningful community relations in this period of social distancing.

According to Facebook’s Twitter Statement, the sole focus of the App is going to be gaming and the gaming experience that comes along with it. It comprises of entire Facebook gaming network in one neatly developed application package.

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