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Coronavirus News Hub: Launched By Google To Dispel Misinformation About The Virus


Google Launches A News Hub About Coronavirus:Β 

There’s no shortage of news coverage about coronavirus put forward to the people. However, Google is launching a COVID-19 hub on Google News to help people about the updates on coronavirus.

This news hub organises news from various reliable and official sources to help the citizens. It allows them to take proper guidance regarding the coronavirus. This hub even provides the facility for selecting the regions. So you can get the updates in that particular region.

It is also highlighting stories by topics. These topics include the economy, health, and travel. It also consists of the results from local news that is most relevant to you. This app also includes tweets from local authorities.

Fake News On The Coronavirus:

In an area of Indore, Taat Patti Bakhal two women doctors underwent injuries. A team of health officials is hit with stones while they are trying to trace a person who came into contact with a COVID-19 patient earlier. A video of the incident has become viral on social media.

The Indian Express later reports the incident. A resident tells the publication that healthy Muslims are being taken away, and the doctors are injecting them with the virus.

Google launches coronavirus news hub to keep reliable coverage in ...

Extension Of Lockdown:

Fake news is also spreading on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. It includes false claims, about an impending emergency declaration. This news also says that the lockdown period will extend for some more time.

Fake News On Indonesian Muslims:

There is another video which claims that the Indonesian Muslims at a Salem mosque are licking utensils to “spread the novel coronavirus”. The video is misleading many people. What is shown instead is the Dawoodi Bohra community licking to clean the utensils. They do so to ensure that not even a single bit of food turns into waste.

The Genius Google Hack To Avoid The Spread Of Fake News:

So to avoid the spread of fake news, Google launches a news hub. It provides information that takes information only from official sources. This further helps people not to believe in fake news. It also brings awareness of the present condition of the world. However, the home ministry decides to makeΒ it a punishable offence if anyone posts any fake news relating to the coronavirus on social media.

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