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Coronavirus Updates: Another Record-breaking Day In The USA!

COVID 19 Cases
Source: The Weather Channel

Coronavirus Updates: Another Record-breaking Day In The USA!:Β It’s no secret thatΒ the USA is leading the wagon for the highest number of COVID cases. But, now the United States see an increase in the Coronavirus cases. Approximately 63,000 cases have gone up in one day.

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These cases got reported on Thursday. The previous highest number was on Tuesday with 60,000 cases in a day. Let’s dive into the details of these increased cases.

The USA Breaks The Record

All over the USA, California, Texas, and Florida have the majority of cases. Recently, they recorded their highest death tolls.

However, the rest of America is still planning of reopening the shops and restaurants. Additionally, the netizens also opened Disney World to give a preview for ticket holders. Sources say that the crowd was thin and the employees were taking necessary precautions.

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A reporter visited the Disney World. She said:

“I felt very safe being there. It was a fantastic experience and one that I think people would be surprised by.”

The USA Doesn’t Respond To The Threats

Nonetheless,Β there are a few people who are well aware of the COVID risks, and they are uncomfortable with all these reopens. Dr Terry Adirim of Florida University said:

“I think it’s like pouring gasoline on the fire, and it’s going to help us drive down our case rates. I think it’s going to do the opposite.

Restaurants are open despite the advent of COVID
Source: NPR

In Texas, the COVID cases have quadrupled in the last month to 10,000 cases. People aged 30 to 39 are affected the most. In most cities, it is uncontrollable, and people have lost hopes.

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Why Is This Happening?

This COVID surge has crumbled the USA. However, some Americans are not bothered to take safety measures. Some people are still roaming freely without any precautions such as masks and gloves. This reckless attitude has affected many people.

Nonetheless, even when Florida, Texas and California are cramped with tested people, the people staying in these regions are enjoying their ‘summer’. Additionally, President Trump himself does not feel the need to abide by the rules, and in many interviews, he said that the cases are under control. Unfortunately, the reports tell us otherwise.

Now, all we can do is sit at our homes and wait for the virus to die out. We hope everyone staying in the affected areas are safe, and those who are affected may have a quick recovery.

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