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Coronavirus Updates: Football & Other Sport Seasons Come Back Amid The Pandemic!

New York Officials & Federal Government Approved Vaccines

Coronavirus Updates: Football & Other Sport Seasons Come Back Amid The Pandemic!: New York state officials will conduct a review of any federal government.

It approved coronavirus vaccines, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday.

Source: The Financial Times

Cuomo said he worried that President Donald Trump would allow the Food and Drug Administration to use vaccine approval criteria that are insufficiently stringent.

“We are going to put together our own review committee that will advise me, so i can look at the camera and IΒ can say, ‘It is safe to take,'” Cuomo said.

Recent research in Houston suggests that the coronavirus, which in the U.S. alone has infected almost 7 million people, may have evolved into a strain that is more infectious, but not more lethal.
In Britain, the government is proposing a proposal to purposely infect healthy volunteers to speed up the assessment of how effective vaccine candidates are.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that before he recommends the vaccines to New Yorkers, he would set up a state commission to review any vaccines that gain federal approval.

Cuomo expressed concern about the criteria that would be needed for approval between President Donald Trump and the Food and Drug Administration over bickering. If the FDA tries to enact them, Trump has said he would not accept more stringent requirements.

“I’m not going to trust the federal government’s opinion and IΒ wouldn’t recommend to New Yorkers based on the federal government’s opinion,” Cuomo said.

Pac-12 Resumes Football And Other Sports

Source: The State Press

The Pac-12, the Power Five conferences’ sole holdout against competing amid the coronavirus pandemic, gave in on Thursday and declared a return to athletic competition. The panel said the high-income sports of football and basketball would be returning. There will also be other winter sports returning to play.

Simultaneously, the Pac-12 and Big Ten announced they would delay fall sports on Aug. 11, most notably football, citing health issues during the pandemic. The SEC, ACC and Big 12, however, pressed on and decided to play.
The Pac-12 was left all alone when the Big Ten reversed its position. It decided to return to the football field on Oct. 24. There was no question that it would also resume playing. The new seven-game schedule of the conference would allow its teams for the College Football Playoff to get considered.

Fear of Second Wave In Europe

In a single day, Britain recorded the highest number of new

coronavirus infections, 6,632. Within 24 hours, France reported 52 deaths and more than 16,000 new cases. Spain has just reached 700,000 points in total, the first European country to hit that level.

In the Old Continent, there are increasing signs of a second wave of COVID-19. It is the same place where the virus made its most profound imprint right after spreading beyond China.

Although the spike in confirmed infections may be partially attributed to increased monitoring, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded by having pubs and restaurants closed by 10 p.m. to the rise in cases across all age groups. He cautioned that more stringent steps would be in effect if the transmission is not suppressed. With close to 42,000 deaths, Britain has the highest death rate in Europe.

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