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Cory Booker: A new step to strengthen their relationship

Cory Booker and girlfriendΒ Rosario Dawson decide to move in together

Cory Booker has even outside politics. Looks like his girlfriend, Rosario Dawson, choice in 2020 Democratic presidential, wasn’t her boyfriend.

Revealing a surprising secret

During the final night of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, the New Jersey senator revealed a surprising fact about his girlfriend,Β Rosario Dawson,Β while on a video call with the former Democratic presidential candidates.

In March, DawsonΒ had revealed on Instagram that she voted for Sanders in the primary election, after Cory had decided not to participate.

The new major step of the relationship

The actress and her political boyfriend recently moved to the next level of their relationship, confirming that they would live together.

In June, Dawson shared that she will be moving to New Jersey to be with the senator after the global pandemic situation had kept them apart for months.

“I haven’t seen him since February. He is by himself, going between Newark and DC,” she told Kevin Smith at the Mooby’s Pop-Up in Los Angeles.

They haven’t spent the quarantine together because Dawson had been on the West Coast taking care of her dad, who had undergone surgery for pancreatic cancer last November.

After the intense time that had kept them apart, Dawson has decided that it was high time that they start living together. She said she was in the process of moving to Newark to be with her boyfriend.

Despite the distance, they made it work

Finally another major step to their relationship

The couple has starting dating in the fall of 2018, months after meeting at a political fundraiser for a mutual friend. At the time, the two were in very different places, yet despite the distance, they had made it work.

They kept in close contact even apart. Their schedule comprised of two FaceTime calls a day (when possible) and romantic gestures such as Booker sending Dawson music every morning and reading David Benioff’s “City of Thieves” to her over the phone.

The couple had been through the tough times together, overcoming the distance between them, and will be finally moving in together. Cause love happened to them even miles apart, keeping them together and finally to living together.

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