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Costco Expands Instacart Collaboration To Deliver Medicines

Costco Expands Instacart

Costco has been the second-largest retailer after Walmart.Β The American multinational corporation has been the world’s largest retailer in terms of prime beef, organic foods, and wine. Costco has a total number of 785 warehouses till date which are located as follows:

  • 546 in the United States
  • 39 in Mexico
  • 29 in the United Kingdom
  • 26 in Japan
  • 16 in South Korea
  • 14 in Taiwan
  • 11 in Australia
  • 2 in Spain and
  • 1 in Iceland, China, and France.

And it looks like Costco has made an update in their delivery services. In the wake of the chaos caused by the pandemic, the world has been forced into lockdown. As an aid to such a crucial period, Costco has expanded its collaboration withΒ Instacart.Β And as per the collaboration, Costco will now be delivering medicines right at your doorstep

Costco To Now Deliver Medicines As Well

Costco has now extended its previous collaboration with Instacart for the delivery of medicines. This move comes as a response to the massive spread of the COVID-19. With this, the company wishes to lower the risk of the virus.

Instacart has launched this system on April 16. As per the officials, the prescription delivery service will be available from the following Costco locations in Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New York, Washington D.C, and Washington.

Instacart, the North American leader in online grocery, has now upped its game with its entry into the prescription delivery. Owing to increasing customer demands and rapid rise in the cases of the coronavirus, this step was taken by the officials at Instacart. Given the current world scenario, leaving out of the house is suicide in itself.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to step out of the house for basic needs such as groceries, vegetables, and pharmacies. The outside world is struggling hard to make as much comfortable as possible for those confined to their homes. And with this new prescription delivery system, it looks like Costco has also chipped in.

This program was previously in effect in only two states, But in the wake of the chaos, Costco has increased the prescription delivery all over the United States.

How Does This PrescriptionΒ  Delivery Work?

Costco Expands Instacart

  1. The Customer first has to select the drugs/medicines he wishes to order from his Costco account.
  2. When the customer gets an alert that the prescription is ready, he can then schedule the delivery as per his convenience.
  3. The customer will then be redirected to the company’s website where he will have to confirm his order.
  4. The drugs/medicines will arrive in completely tamper-proof bags.
  5. The customer will have to present a valid ID at the time of delivery to receive the package.



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