Counter-Strike Updates: Will The Major CSGO Update Transpire To Counter Valorant?


Gamers are having a wonderful time as they pass the quarantine games freely amid some new releasing games like the animal crossing New Horizons, the valorant, and even some fantastic Counter-Strike updates.

Counter-Strike: Updates

Counter strike is one of the most played games by action and shooter lovers. It involves various modes and maps. Earning XP and buying skins is not an easy task, but that’s what drives us more. It came out with a lot of updates just two days ago, and to be honest, it has some wild cards playing.

  • The Tec-9 update ( caused a reduction in inaccuracy while firing)
  • Updates in weapons and the SG 553 nerf.
  • Dessert Eagle ( Deagle ), the hand cannon

There are more updates here and there, play to find out.

The poster of the Valorant with the new update.


Valorant is a game by Riot (previous Project A), which has recently gained a lot of popularity due to its closed beta. It is set to launch very soon and has featured great gameplay. It will have players from each team in 5s and four skill sets. They need to buy 2 out of the 4.

With a lot of new features, some CSGO players have decided to try it out because of its unsparing similarity with Counter-Strike.

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A Virtual Clash

Let’s admit it; CS GO has been here for a long time. We cannot expect it’s players to just switch on to some other game entirely. There has been, however, an ample amount of people who are taking the newly released Valorant very positively.

Counter-Strike Uppdates
The new update of Counter-Strike clashes with Valorant.

Personally, when I first came to the news of Valorant, I didn’t think that I would be spending all night playing it. CS is just too comfortable right now, and I would like to go back to the Death Match. We can say that both these games are beautiful, just the way they are. Gamers won’t judge them or not play the other just out of loyalty.

We all will love Valorant, and CS is always here for us too. I hope the new updates keep coming up, be it any reason.

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