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Couple Arrested After Their Infant Has A Fentanyl Overdose

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Couple Arrested After Their Infant Has A Fentanyl Overdose: Not a long ago, a couple in Fall River Massachusets got arrested after their 11-month-old baby girl overdosed on Fentanyl. The 39-year-old Kevin Baker andΒ 35-year-old Lynne Servent are facing charges.

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Thankfully, the infant is in a stable condition but, still at risk. That is to say, let us get into the details of this heinous crime.

The Incident

Baker and Servent, are the parents of the 11-month-old baby. According to some reports, the baby got in touch with the Fentanyl drug after Lynne, her mother, breastfed her.

Couple Arrested
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Supposedly, the Fentanyl w.as still inside her system when the baby drank milk.

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How It Instigated

According to the police reports, Kevin Baker’s mother is the baby’s legal guardian. Not to mention that Kevin and Lynne were under the influence of drugs which is why they were denied custody.

Lynne Servent
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What’s more, is that Baker’s mom left the house to run some errands and kept the baby under Lynne’s hands. That’s when Lynne fed the baby. The infant started falling sick throughout the week.

Soon, Baker and Servent bought the baby to St Anne’s Hospital stating she wasn’t feeling well. Moreover, the police later revealed that the couple gave her Narcan before bringing her into the hospital.

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The Heinous Crime

Despite being parents to an 11-month-old baby, Kevin and Lynne couldn’t get a hold of their drug habits. It has caused the innocent baby to go through so much pain at such a shortage.

According to the reports, the baby had to have a part of her brain, skull and vertebrae removed during the surgery due to the overdose.

Still, on the other hand, Kevin and Lynne have continuously denied having consumed chemicals or drugs that could harm the baby. As of now, the couple is arrested and their bail is set to be at the price of $50,000.

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