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Couples At War, Sharon Osbourne Said Depp-Heard’s Relation: Volatile!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

On Monday, 2nd, November 2020 at 17:45 – Famous Hollywood star Johnny Depp has lost the Libel Case against the Sun over his ex-wife Amber Heard. The statement of Sharon Osbourne states Depp-Heard’s relation: Volatile. Let’s discuss in brief…

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Relationship :

John Christopher Depp (57) is an American actor, producer, and musician; who has been regarded as one of the most notable film stars. And Amber Laura Heard (34), who is an American actress and model; met on the set of “The Rum Diary”- comedy, back in 2011. Then the actors started dating, In 2014 they got engaged and ended up marrying each other in Los Angeles by February 2015.

The actors were married for just 15 months and everything between them just changed. Amber Heard filed for divorce claiming that Johnny Depp domestically abused her. And did mention that he usually loses his thing under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In May 2016, Depp was alleged of hitting his wife, bruising her cheek, and throwing a cellphone at her during an argument. But Depp denied being alleged.

Both the parties were justifying their parts but they both admitted that ‘Depp-Heard’s relation: Volatile at times.’ By 2017, the couple was not a couple anymore, they both got separated. As the divorce was finalized and Johnny Depp accepted the reality that he could not do anything. He said,

“I wanted nothing to do with her.”

“Dear Amber, all my love and regrets… I wish you nothing but good.”

Back then, The Sun Newspaper who has always been on the side of Domestic Abuse Victims for over 20 years, stoop up for Amber Heard and published an article calling Johnny Depp a”Wife-Beater”. Then Depp filed a case on the Sun for the article which he said was not true at all.

Johnny Depp lost the libel case against Sun over Amber Heard :

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Source: celebfall.com

As the controversies were already going on whether ‘Depp-Heard’s relation: Volatile’ or not, In January 2020, Daily Mail released some phone recordings in the favor of Johnny Depp. In those recordings, Amber Heard herself admitted about hitting Depp.

During the three-week hearing in London court, both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard gave evidence proving each other’s statements wrong. They shared details of their private lives in court. And finally, the conclusion has been made by considering all the aspects. On 2nd November 2020;Β  Johnny Depp lost the libel case over an article from 2018. As the Sun has shown 12 incidental proves in the London court reflecting domestic violence done by Depp. Although, Depp denied all the things said by Amber Heard. She even called Depp, an “ego-monster”.

This all resulted in a huge negative effect on both Johnny Depp’s career, reputation as an actor as well as on his kids. Both his kids were scared as they saw Johnny Depp and Amber Heard arguments turning physically. This all turned out as a huge loss to Depp, he lost 650 million on “Pirates Of Caribbean”.

Sharon Osbourne commented on Depp and Heard’s relationship :

Sharon Osbourne
Source: radaronline.com

Sharon Rachel Osbourne who’s popularly known as a British-American television personality, entertainment manager, and author. As all the drama of the libel case against Johnny Depp was going on, Sharon Osbourne compared her own marriage to Amber and Johnny’s relationship. Back then, her husband Ozzy Osbourne (a songwriter and singer) was said to be had affairs with multiple women all over the world which leads their relationship to a stage where they wanted to get separated.

Just like Depp and Amber, Sharon and Ozzy too had a vulnerable relationship. 68-year-old, Sharon said that,

“I had this type of relationship with my husband!”

She said, Depp-Heard’s relation: Volatile. She said I used to give what my husband used to give me. If he shouted at me, so did I. Adding on, she defended Johnny Depp. She said,

“It takes two to Tango.”

According to her, Depp losing his career due to all this is not fair. She added that Depp already got what he deserved. If he physically abused Amber Heard then Amber Heard gave him the best she got.


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