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Crash Bandicoot PlayStation 5: Merchandise Hinting Latest Update

Possible New Game!
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Crash Bandicoot PlayStation 5: With the launch of the new PlayStation 5 console, the fans are overwhelmed to see the console despite it getting leaked. As we dive into the launch event, we realise that the 90-minute launch did not include the price or the release date.

We fans are sad that it did not give away the two things we wanted to know the most. I know that’s a downer, we’ve estimated that PlayStation 5 will release sometime during the holidays 2020.

The New PS 5 Console
Source: Tech Radar

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All these estimations have been useful because we got to know about a lot of things about the new console and the possibility that there might be a new Crash Bandicoot game!

What Exactly Is Crash Bandicoot Franchise?

Crash Bandicoot is nothing but a video game franchise. Releasing in 1996, Crash Bandicoot created a lot of buzz with its fun games which engaged the players.

If we look into the genre, it’s Racing games, Party Games and Hack and Slash games. Crash Bandicoot is one of the most credible game franchise due to its long-run over two decades.

The New Crash Bandicoot
Source: Wccftech

The setting is usually on the Wumpa Islands near Australia where humans and mutant animals co-exist. The premise keeps on changing depending upon the story-line. There are several spin-offs too.

The game is available on various devices. To name a few, it is available on PS, PS 2, PS 4, iOS, Android, Wii, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Now, here’s something you’ll find interesting- according to the sources, the game is going be available on PS5!

Let’s dig into the details of the possible new game!

Everything You Need To Know About The New Crash Bandicoot

There have been rumours that the ‘Orange Marsupial’ would be returning to the newest futuristic PS5. What gave away the speculations was their new merch. The new merch gives a promising look to the Wumpa Islands star, Crash.

Crash Bandicoot is a PlayStation icon; all my fellow gamers will agree with me that it is easily the best game we have ever played!

Some have been speculating that the new game might be a mobile game which is more exciting considering it will enhance a bigger audience. It wouldn’t be much of a shock as Sony has used it to promote PS4.

Top 5 Crash Bandicoot Games

  1. CB 3: Warped- 1998
  2. The Crash Team Racing- 1999
  3. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled- 2019
  4. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy- 2017
  5. Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure- 2002

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