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Critics Attack Eric Trump By Reminding Him His Father’s Mistakes!

Eric Trump and Donald Trump

Critics Attack Eric Trump By Reminding Him His Father’s Mistakes!: Eric Trump recent attempt on Labor Day to attack the Democratic 2020 nominee Joe Biden, ended up as a failure. Therefore, critics reminded him of his father’s failures.

Twitter had an essential reminder for him, and the critics took it out on him, making him count his father Donald Trump’s failures.

The Tweet

Eric Trump had recently shared a posted a picture of Biden event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on Monday. You can check the tweet here! Everyone in the picture had taken proper safety measures as the number of COVID affected has increased. Around 190,000 people in the US and almost 900,000 worldwide have lost their lives, to the deadly virus.

Donald Trump
Source: Common Dreams

Therefore, as a result, the public health experts had concluded that Donald Trump rally in Oklahoma was one of the major cause in increasing the number of people affected.

Also, Eric had pointed out that the picture has been different from his father’s rally where more people had participated.

Also, people criticised him by the fact that the rally of Donald Trump didn’t follow the safety measure as many people didn’t wear masks.

The critic’s opinion

Many people have retweeted the post with their opinion. They have railed *against* Eric and his idea. Donald Trump government has led to the citizens feeling unhappy, and it can be seen clearly in reply to the post.

Though some people favour Eric, majority of the people had criticised his opinion. He got slammed for his lack of awareness of about the situation. He was also made fun of when he recently shared a picture from the google search.

The picture he had found was from a popular anime TV show Mob Psycho 100. This incident also had him roasted by the critics.

It also showed that people are more interested in seeing an anime show than finding pictures of people. The people responded with They also responded with fancams, clips from the front, or panels from the manga that inspired the show.

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