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Crysis Remake Or Crysis 4: Which One Should You Prefer?

Crysis Remake or Crysis 4

It has been seven years since we last got our hands on Crysis 3. Till now, Crytek is yet to launch a new version of the acclaimed game series. The game’s official twitter account has been inactive for the past three years. But the game’s account was reactivated on 14th April. Crysis posted two new tweets on their account recently about Crysis Remake or Crysis 4, and this has set the fanbase ablaze.

There is a possible return on the cards for the first-person shooter. Crysis, developed by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts, is an FPS based on science fiction. There have three editions of the game so far. However, the recent tweets may very well mean that a Crysis is likely in the works.

Crysis Remake or Crysis 4
The gameplay image of Crysis Remake which will be released soon.

Which Will Be The Next Game In The Series?

The tweets have fueled the fans’ excitement to a great extent. The second tweet reads “Hey Nomad; you’re still with us?”. This has paved the way for two possibilities. Either the next game in the series will pick up after the events of Crysis 3 and will ultimately be Crysis 4. Or there are chances that Crytek is eying for a remastered version.

This because Jake “Nomad” Dunn was the protagonist of the 1st Crysis that came out in 2007. With the 2nd and 3rd having two different characters in the lead, Crysis 1 may be remastered. Until a secret moment in Crysis 3, Nomad is not seen or heard anytime throughout the main storyline. A new file unlocked during Crysis 3 states that Nomad is still alive and being hunted by a person called Lockhart.

Crysis Remake or Crysis 4
The gameplay image of Crysis 4.

The extravagant storyline followed by nano suits, cloaking, and armour, the game had everything on offer for the fans. These were the factors that made the game gain popularity as time passed.

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Crysis Remake Or Crysis 4: Which One Should You Prefer?

It has been 13 years since the 1st Crysis released. The gaming world has seen a lot of successful remakes in the past two years, such as the remastered of Activision’s most famous Call of Duy: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. With PS5 and Xbox X due for a release in a few months, Crysis 1 could undoubtedly use a fresh touch in every possible department such as graphics, VFX, sound, gameplay, etc.

With the next-gen tech, it will be a delight for the fans to enjoy one of their childhood game with highly advanced features. Electronic Arts still has a fantastic storyline to continue. This means that the possibility of Crysis 4 is also high. Just as God Of War started everything back from scratch with their newest version, there is a chance that Crytek will even opt for something like that.

Crysis Remake or Crysis 4
The image is the plot from the gameplay of Crysis Remake.

It may come as a dismay to some fans if Crysis breaks the storyline and the chain. Crysis 4 will pick off after the events laid down by Crysis 3. The fans are excited to watch Nomad back in action after escaping from the clutches of Lockhart. However, for people who are new to the game, this will serve as a complete bouncer.

According to several polls among the fans, Crysis 4 and Crysis Remake both stand head to toe with each side at 50% votes.

But from what we have learned so far, a new game in the series is very much in development at Crytek.

If things go well, we can expect our super soldier back in action by the end of 2020.

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