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Cyberpunk 2077 Nvidia RTX 2080: Not Easy To Get? Most Cards Sold Unopened! All The Details For You

Gaming is an amazing thing to do, and so is being a game fanatic. If we’re in this for long enough, we realise the importance of some really basic features which are required for proper functioning of our precious games. Sometimes the graphics play a huge role (honestly, most times ).

The Basics

To begin with, the release of Cyberpunk 2077, some really crazy stuff has been going down. It was initially set to come out right about this time, but the pandemic has strangled our hopes and dreams. The developers assured us for a confirmed release on 17th September.

Moving back to the RTX 2070, it’s way more expensive. 499 dollars for this, and 2080 would be 699. Well, it cost us our organs for the Star Wars Titan Edition. Looking over it practically, the RTX 2080 works really faster than GTX 1080 (in most games).

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The Latest Version; Geforce RTX 2080 To Cyberpunk 2077

Yes, that’s right, there’s a rare version out and the players are going crazy. The sad news is that it wasn’t available for sale. Good news is, there was an equitable distribution among the masses based solely on luck (though being rich is also luck).

It wasn’t officially sold out but given out to players. An online Twitter competition was generated where the winners (in pairs) received it luckily using hashtag RTXOn. 77 of these given away, and fewer than 200 of such were made, do you think it’s possible to have one? Absolutely.

The Cost

Not all of the receiving members were selling it, but those who were, they are careful about the presentation. The unharmed yellow top makes it attractive. I wonder whether they sell off both the cards or just one (probably just one, who would give away a limited version for ‘little’ money).

We can obviously grab these somewhere else too, as it is being sold over eBay and some other websites. Ranging over a wide price swing, it is nearly 4k dollars in the US. The economics works quite well over it, rarer the product in supple, the more will be the price.

I really hope the negotiators categorise the bidders for cards according to their love for gaming. After all, it’s not about the money all the time.

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