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Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk protects sex workers

Cyberpunk 2077 is the vast open-world game which is wrapped in neon colours and the gadgets aiming at future aspects, and a complete package of a storyline than you can shake a high-tech drone at.


Cyberpunk 2077 is a massive dystopian RPG launching on X-box one, pc and PS4, and it could be possible for PS 5 AND Xbox Series X comes out, or even after, with a confirmed Xbox series X release and PS5.


The cyberpunk release date is September 17, 2020.


here the release date was not to be delayed as the games first official trailer states that it would come out ‘when it is ready’. Here the reason behind the delay is not that, the game was not completed on time, but the thing is it Is finished, more time is required for more polished features because for an expansive game it is necessary after all it is a massive RPG.


The game starts dwelling players into the dark alleyways of night city, where the gangs clash with corporations in an endless war.

When the players become fixers, the data brokers, masterminds in night city that recruit cyberpunks, send them out on missions. But nothing is free in night city – players need to balance between what they want and what they can afford, its quick action when they have to decide that which cards they want to buy and which to sacrifice for funds to purchase new funds.

After every successful mission survivors became veterans by increasing their street cred, street cred currency here it only matters.


The trailer takes us to the view with the look at some new characters, like the weapon play including Keanu Reeves, who will be playing the rockstar JOHNNY SILVER HAND.

In March 2019, we got another glimpse, which viewed that the development of the game is going with the flow, with a bolt of lightning-fast that the release date may be launched soon.

AFTERWARDS, a video of 48 minutes was released on gameplay, BASED on demo journalists saw E3 2018, IN this it shows how the gunplay looks like, about the character, background and how you can upgrade yourself through cybernetic enhancements. You will also come across other styles in cyberpunks seedy crime circuit, and also you have to explore the city on foot and vehicles.


the game offers a better idea of the music that is going to be featured in cyberpunk 2077 and to create effects for the mindset to explore the city at night. Some of the artists here are confirmed like -REFUSED, GRIMES, RICHARD DIVINE, NINA KRAVITZ, RAT BOY, AND TINA GUO and there are more to be confirmed.


As the poster displays, the day and night will have an impact on quests. The location would be less guarded. and About the crime system – the police won’t jump on you for small crimes like assault, but action will be taken against if you cause harm to a large group of people through a gun or vehicle.

The game won’t end with the completion of the story; you can choose the option to keep playing. Replayability is said to be higher with this game.


The plan appears to release the game in single-player mode and then follow up with the Single DLC’S that will be free to download and play, after which players will begin to invite for some multiplayer action.


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