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Cynthia Bailey Happy Day Crashed When Bravo Cameras Did Not Capture Her Wedding

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey wedding day ruined.

Cynthia Bailey

According to the source, Cynthia tied a knot with her boyfriend, Mike Hill. But his Happy day got ruined when she got to know that Bravo wasn’t filming her wedding. When Bravo denied filming her happy event, she can’t stop herself from crying.

On Saturday evening the couple was wed and celebrating at the Governors Towne Club in Acworth, Georgia. Two hundred fifty guests attended the wedding of Cynthia and hill.

Cynthia wedding was not featured on ROHA season.

Cynthia’s wedding is no more going to be featured on the ROHA season. And this was the devastating news for her. Cynthia was very much excited about her marriage. She planned everything so uniquely and accordingly. All her excitement and planning went into vain when she got to know about the Bravo backoff.

As it was already challenging to plan a wedding in such an ongoing situation of a global pandemic. Fans too expected her marriage in the next season of ROHA, but now it’s seen to be spoiled their expectations.

Bravo last-minute blackout hurt Cynthia.

Cynthia made strict rules for her wedding for the guest as it was celebrating her day on the full pandemic. As she provides struct restriction to all her guests as wearing a mask and uses sanitiser. The reason behind this was featured in her wedding on the ROHA season. But lastly Bravo takeoff her decision back and didn’t ready for the featuring of the film.

While knowing this, Cynthia cried and cried and begged Bravo to feature her film on ROHA season. Cynthia Bailey gets very much hurt by the decision of Bravo as she wants to feature her wedding in the coming season of ROHA. But Bravo’s denial of such just ruined her happy day of her life.

Do you think Bravo’s decision will get changed?

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