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Czech Senate Speaker Milos Vystrcil’s Visit To Taiwan Does Not Go Down Well With China !

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Czech Senate Speaker Milos Vystrcil Visits Taiwan Amid Tensions With China

Czech Senate speaker Milos Vystrcil has made an official visit to Taiwan. This visit comes at a time when China is trying to capture Taiwan. Moreover, the relationship between the two countries has strained and reached rock bottom at the moment. Announcing the arrival of Milos, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen tweeted,

“On behalf of the people of #Taiwan, I’d like to extend a sincere welcome to #CzechRepublic @SenatCZ President @Vystrcil_Milos & all the members of the delegation. Our nations share many core values & we look forward to furthering cooperation in all areas.”

Milos Vystrcil
Source: DW

The Czech Republic Builds Up Relation With Taiwan After Strained China And Taiwan Remain At Loggerheads

China is reportedly bringing up its military for a possible attack on Taiwan. It is trying to bring Taiwan under control. However, Taiwan seems to be resisting China by building relations with other countries against China. Moreover, the Foreign Ministry of Taiwan tweeted about their meeting and said,

“Freedom, democracy, equality & respect were high on the menu at the banquet hosted by Minister Wu for @SenatCZ President @Vystrcil_Milos. Our thanks to the #CzechRepublicFlag of Czech Republic delegation for visiting #TaiwanFlag of Taiwan & putting friendship before politics. #TaiwanCzechia2020 #DefendDemocracy.”

China Warns Czech Senate Speaker Milos Vystrcil Of Paying Heavy Price After Visit To Taiwan

China is reportedly not happy with the recent developments in the relationship between China and the Czech Republic. It feels Milos Vystrcil will pay a ‘heavy price’ for making an official visit to Taiwan. Moreover, China’s Foreign Ministry said, “The Chinese government and Chinese people won’t take a laissez-faire attitude or sit idly by, and will make him pay a heavy price for his short-sighted behavior and political opportunism.” A warning from China should not be taken lightly.

Czech Senate Speaker Milos Vystrcil Has A Reply For China

Czech Senate Speaker Milos made the intentions of his country very clear, which is to build relations with other countries. Moreover, he said,

“We are a free country seeking to have good relationships with all countries, and I believe this will be the case in the future irrespective of the statement of the Minister. And let me repeat again – this visit is by no means meant to politically confront anyone.”

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