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Daisy Buchanan Shares ONE NIGHT STAND Experience With Dominic West!

Daisy Buchanan Shares Experience With Dominic West
source: The Independent

The 50-Year-old Actor Dominic West is currently dating the Desirable women of the year Lily James. Though West is dating James, he has an Interesting Past Dating and Hookups Stories. The news comes whenThe Fictional Character Daisy Buchanan shared her Hookup story with West To Grazia. Have you ever wondered why James’s dating a 50-year-old actor when she had other better Options? James, after Split from Ex-Boyfriend Chris Evans is looking forward to a healthy and Long lasting Bond with Way too older man West. Well! There’s more to this controversy. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about the same.

Daisy Buchanan Shares Experience With Dominic West

Daisy Buchanan Shares Experience With Dominic West
source: IMDb

The Fictional Character artist shared an Incident when she was Dominic West’s One Night Stand. She says that she was too young to be With West, and at that time, she wasn’t looking for something more from West. It was the day when she realised that there’s no hope to be In West’s Life as he was already Dating James at that time. Further, she mentioned, life was all adventure to me. I used to date a lot and drink too much that sometimes I would go unconscious, she added.

The Realization Day

Daisy realised that she made a Mistake by sleeping. With West as he belongs to someone else, which is so wrong. The other day morning, while she woke up all naked, Daisy saw West Getting himself organised and all suited up. She went on to ask West about the last night, but he didn’t answer and asked her to avail Room Facility as the charges were already paid. That day Daisy realised that life is not all about dating and getting drunk; it’s more and more. There are Emotions, love, and care, which she never Received in her entire life. Moreover, she was disappointed with what she did.

How did Daisy Met Dominic West

Daisy Buchanan Shares Experience With Dominic West
source: The Guardian

Daisy and West started to know each other through Twitter. Whereas it was a fangirl moment for her as she always admired West and also crushed on him. Later they met on a lunch date, where Daisy was more awkward than Happy as she met West for the first time in person. As a result, West and Daisy went to have a couple of drinks and were no sober. Daisy says that West made the first move and kissed her on the spot. Later they decided to Get a room and spend some Quality Time together.

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